Thuringian Forest

The World Championship are held in the heart of the Thuringian Forest. We would like to take this opportunity and give you a small glimpse at the rolling hills, charming villages and arresting sights of Thuringia's most popular tourist region. Besides its cultural, historical and natural spectacles, the Thuringian Forest is famous for its sports opportunities, from skiing and sledding in winter to cycling and hiking in summer: You may for example already have heard of the Rennsteig, the beloved hiking route that spans some of Thuringia's most beautiful peaks and marks the transition from northern Germany's rolling hillsides to southern Germany's rugged mountains. [more]


Oberhof has been a favored destination for visitors for more than a hundred years and is the location of the World Championship. [mehr]


The DKB-Ski-ARENA, formerly known as Rennsteig-Arena or Biathlon-Stadium, is one of the most challenging and popular venues for biathlon sports. [more]DKB-Ski-ARENA

Youth hostel

A very special option may be found in Gräfenroda, less than 20 km from Oberhof.[more]


To travel to Oberhof, you may either chose the train or use the Autobahn via the A4 and A71. [more]