General terms of business

General terms of business Skiverein Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.

1. The general terms of business count to all arrangements of the ski association Eintracht Frankenhain e. V.

2. The map prices count in each case per day and person. The prices contain the legal value added tax and an advance booking fee and handling charge. On payment with credit card or by debit other fees can result. With sending of tickets a dispatch fee is to be paid, in addition.

3. Merely reduced tickets are not transferable before the first-time entrance of the arrangement area. The rights and duties from the contract on the ticket owner go over in the transference of the ticket. With abandonment of the arrangement area the ticket becomes invalid. The resale of the tickets is inadmissible in general and is pursued criminal.

4. Children less than 10 years have free entry.

5. With severely disabled persons an escort receives free entry. The acquisition of this reduction is only about the ski association an unity franc grove e. V. under phone 036205/76422 or by e-mail [email protected] possibly. The authorization to the reduction is to be presented with the entrance of the arrangement area. Reduced maps are not transferable. It can be taken up per ticket only one reduction.

6. It are available for safety reasons only limits wheel chair driver places per arrangement in the ski arena DKB.

7. The handing over / sending of the tickets occurs on cash payment in the sales places immediately, with orders after payment of the invoice amount.

8. Map returns are not possible.

9. With refusal / demolition of an arrangement for reasons not to be represented by the organizer (e.g., weather, higher power) no claim to full or proportionate restitution of the entry price exists. In case of the refusal, movement or program modifications of an arrangement no expenses (e.g., journey, hotel) are substituted.

10. The organizer reserves himself the right to move the arrangement appointment. From it there results no claim to allowance of the entry price. Same counts to program modifications and the pretransfer or posttransfer of the arrangement beginning.

11. For unchecked view terms the organizer takes over no guarantee. A decrease of the entry price because of weather-conditioned or from the topography of the venue of the following view impediment is excluded.

12. Bringing of alcoholic beverages, glass containers, boxes, unwieldy objects, pyrotechnischen objects, torches, weapons and similarly dangerous objects as well as animals is prohibited. In this case the organizer has the possibility
to the acquirer to refuse the entry to the arrangement without compensation or to carry out a reference of the arrangement area. A return of the objects does not occur. Offenses are pursued criminal.

13. Alcoholized persons are turned down at the stadium entrance by the security without compensation.

14. Every commercial advertisement on fan club-banners or similar during the arrangements is forbade in general and is removed from the organizer without compensation.

15. The organizer sticks with intention or coarse carelessness and by injury of the life, the body or the health if he has to represent the duty injury. In addition, the organizer sticks by careless injury of his contract duties at most by height of the map price.

16. The organizer is entitled to do picture admissions of the visitors and to publish this. The approval occurs timewise and spatially indefinitely. The acquirer has no claim to payment of a reimbursement.

17. The acquirer parks his automobile on own danger. Result must be performed to the tips of the ordinal forces.

18. The organizer does not stick for lost or stolen objects.

19. Should parts of these terms of business be ineffective, becomes the effectiveness
Of contract or the remaining terms of business does not touch. Place of fulfilment is Arnstadt.
It is worth exclusively the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

20. With the acquisition of the ticket the acquirer submits to the general terms of business of the organizer.

Frankenhain, 01/12/2008