Thank you for your interest in the Summer Biathlon World Championships 2009. As you may already know, the World Championships will be held between the 21 and the 27 of September 2009 in the DKB-Ski-ARENA Oberhof in Thuringia, Germany. Detailed scheduling information can be found here.



Tickets for the event - here. For accommodations, we would like to refer you to our recommendations. If you plan to visit the EU for the World Championships, you might be interested in the required travel forms.


Want you still to be spoiled, in addition and used the advantages of a VIP of guest? To exciting competitions, combined with good food in luxurious ambience and other advantages let the arrangement become some quite special ones. Then you ask interest, under 0049 (0)3677/466070 or marketing(at)wm-sommerbiathlon.de for VIP's tickets.

A Warning on Untrustworthy Ticket Vendors

It is sadly inevitable that ruthless profiteers will try to abuse the enthusiasm of sports fans. Please consider that tickets bought from private parties or via platforms such as eBay should generally be treated cautiously.