Frank Hübner

Referent Sommerbiathlon des DSB

Sub. OC-Chef & Marketing

Silvio Eschrich

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.

General Organisation

Jens Hendriks

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.


Ilona Winkler

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.

Competition Chief

Gerhard Köhler

WSV Oberhof 05 e.V.

Referee umpire

André Hellmundt

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.

Public Relations

Antje Händel

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.


Kevin Kendzia

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.


Diana Strasser

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.


Gisela Sebastian

SV EIntracht Frankenhain e.V.

Adress of organisation committee

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.
OK WM Sommerbiathlon 2009
Waldstraße 134
99330 Gräfenroda

Phone: 0049(0)36205/76422
Fax: 0049(0)36205/76421
Mail:   info(at)

SV Eintracht Frankenhain e.V.

Frankenhain is situated at the northern border of the Thuringian Forest, only a 15 minute drive away from Oberhof. More than 800 inhabitants live in this lovely tourist village, which has a long tradition in winter sports.

Already in 1919, the people of Frankenhain practised competitive skiing. In 1970 Frankenhain was declared a regional training centre for biathlon. One year later, the predecessor of the Skiverein Eintracht Frankenhain e.V. was founded.

Being a "talent training centre" of the Thüringer Skiverband (Thuringian Skiing Association), the SVE Frankenhain has committed itself to fostering young talents. More than 100 children and adolescents under 18 are currently in the SVE's training groups.

The club has been awarded numerous prizes for its excellence in youth training, amongst them the "ThüringenGas talent support prize" (2003), the "Josef Ertl youth prize of the DSV" (2002), the "Green ribbon for exemplary talent support" by the Dresdener Bank (2001) and the "Golden ribbon of the Thuringian sports youth" (2000).

The former world-class biathlete Katrin Apel is the most famous athlete of the SVE. Until her retirement in 2007, she collected 14 medals at Olympics and World Championship. Nowadays, she herself is coaching young talents at the SVE.

Currently, cross-country skiing athlete Jens Filbrich and biathlete Daniel Graf are competing at an international level.

The SVE Frankenhain is experienced in organizing biathlon events. Amongst others, it organized the German Championships in summer biathlon in 2006 and 2007, which saw over 500 participants each.


Biathlon fun in Frankenhain -

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